May 2021 — Mahogany Computer Flames

This past month it’s all been about…

Caribou — Up in Flames

The sun is shining here in the English flatlands and so I’m outside a lot more and soaking up vitamin D and listening to this psychedelic beat driven wonder. Got to see Dan Snaith and friends pull it off energetically live a few times too — with a surreal singing frog on the visuals too no less.

Aphex Twin — Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

Whilst not generally regarded as his best, this is probably my favourite Aphex Twin release (maybe shared with SAW1). At times sounds like the result of an unlikely session between John Cage and Terminator X — what’s not to love?

Moodyman — Mahogany Brown

I’ve been a fan of ‘Foreverevermore’ for years and so recently picked this up. This previous album is darker, rawer and grittier and all the better for it. Got to admire the boldness too — in any other circumstances a seven minute intro track of the artists scanning their cities radiowaves might seem a bit pretentious or annoying — here it just sets the brilliant, midnight tinged scene of the album

Oh and of course there is also this, although in some ways I’m looking forward to listening to it less now its out.



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