March 2021 – You could ruin my six borderlines

This has been a busy month – both with real world stuff and in the studio, where I’ve been working on finishing off ‘The Market Deities’. More about that soon.

Anyway – as such my listening times been quite reduced and so to reflect that here’s some individual tracks rather than albums I’ve been into this month…

Flaming Lips + Star Death + White Dwarfs – ‘Borderline’

Few tracks represent an upwards diagonal line of energy and verve like this cover of an 80’s pop classic. Essentially they strapped it to silver rocket. It. Goes. Off.

Steve Reich – ‘Six Marimbas’

I first heard this at a Warp event at the Royal Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool and remember just leaning back and letting it wash over me. It’s lush, evolving and utterly beautiful.

Four Tet – ‘You Could Ruin My Day’

Seven minutes of pure bliss this one. I just love the way it builds with layers of lushness, drops and then kicks back in for the final third. Ruin my day? No Kieran, you just made it.



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