July 2021 – The Box of Electronica Amber

Here’s what’s been occurin’ in sunny July….

Sunroof – Electronic music improvisations vol. 1

As someone who uses a lot of modular kit it is always interesting to hear how others makes use of it. This one disappoint with some powerful and atmospheric live jams from Gareth Jones and Daniel Miller. Kudos on the sleeve notes here too – don’t see enough of that kind of thing.

Autechre – Amber

Sorry to be one of those but with Autechre I really do prefer the earlier work, although I realise that’s not the popular view. This second album contains some brilliant tracks, especially on the first half and shows some interesting progression from their debut ‘Incunabula’.

Orbital – ‘The Box’

More 90’s electronica vibes here, this time with the tuneful lead single from Orbital’s ‘In Sides’ album. A few versions of that classic chiming theme here, including one I’d not heard before featuring Alison Goldfrapp, whose vocals add a new dimension to the sonic journey here.



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