Feb 2021 Hi-Fi – dubRileyMusic

Right now I’m mostly listening to:

Underworld – dubnobasswithmyheadmam:

Last month it was The Orb tugging at my 90’s electronica nostalgia and this 1994 album is continuing that for me. It genuinely still sounds as vibrant and edgy as it did back then – with ‘Dirty Epic’ still standing out as one of my favourite tracks. Like….ever. The artwork is like being punched in eyes by a ransom note though, acceptable in the 90’s I guess.

James Holden & Camilo Tirado/Luke AbbottOutdoor Museum of Fractals / 555Hz

A superb tribute to the masterful Terry Riley from two more recent masters here. Much as I dig Holden & Tirado’s fluid tabla driven sonics here it’s the Luke Abbot composition that really chimes with me. Lovely metallic artwork on the sleeves too.

Aim – Cold Water Music

One of the records that kept me sane during my early years in Manchester, it’s a genuine hip-hop masterpiece. This vinyl is some kind of test pressing or promo copy I think – I tracked it down in the US as couldn’t find another copy anywhere. Thankfully I’m that familiar with it a tracklist isn’t really needed – and it shines wherever you drop that needle anyway. The artwork is – minimalist at best?



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