August 2021 – Church of Lost Innovators

Spinning about the place this month…

John Carpenter – Lost Themes

Not only does this deliver on aesthetics, with a full on creepy inside sleeve image of the man himself and blood red vinyl, this album offers some classic Carpenter sounds – but in this case entirely removed from any existing movie or TV series. Carpenter stated he did this one for the fun of it and he’s certainly firing on all cylinders here.

John Cale & Terry Riley – Church of Anthrax

A mixed but interesting bag this one – perhaps a sign that the two masters didn’t gel as well as they could have done. However when it is good, where it is for most of the first side, it explores an interesting intersection between two definitive and brilliant styles.

Derrik May – Innovator

A decent collection from one the original electronic masters himself. Been zeroing on a lot of classic electronica tunes as of late as it occurred there are some gaps in my knowledge and May (aside from ‘Strings of Life’) was one. Doesn’t disappoint either as there is much here to like and be inspired by decades later.



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