April 2021 – Beautiful Electrique World

Hey April – this month I’ve been mostly listening to…

Boards of Canada – A Beautiful Place Out in the Country

I’m a fan of a lot of BOC’s work but this is the high point for me – a blend of everything they do well mapped out across four dark, mesmerising tracks. I have a beautiful hazy memory of waking up and walking down a Welsh hillside after a free party, soundtracked by ‘Amon Bishop Roden’ from a sound system – and I’m back there in my head every time I listen to it.

Gong – Camembert Electrique

Been a while since I’d listened to this one and I’d forgotten that, amongst the madness, comedy and general psychedelic trappings, this is album of absolute tunes. Gong were living on a French commune and jamming all day and all night at this point I believe – which makes sense because the playing on this record is just superb, drums especially.

Dave Clarke – World Service (Electro Set)

While the Techno set is a fine collection of tunes it is the second half of this noughties compilation. that rules for me. Journeying through some masterpieces by the likes of The Hacker, Atomic Nation and Adult its about as fine a collection of raw, brutal and grungy electronica you’ll find right now until Berlin’s darkest clubs get the green light to reopen.

There one other album I’ve been listening to a fair bit as of late since I’ve been mastering my own debut album ‘The Market Deities’ which drops on 10th May – previews of that here if you’re interested.



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